August 7, 2017

Well... Hi! 


So this will be the first post on our blog, so it might be a bit boring so sorry for that, but I would like to write a little introduction. 



First of all, all the information about us (the authors of this blog) are in the section "about" if you have any additional questions we will be delighted to answer them, so i hope to hear from you soon! 


Next thing, we can't promise how often the posts will show up on the blog but we'll try our best to keep it around 2 - 3 posts per week. There is no specified topic I will concentrating on. it will be very unpredictable and just what comes up to my mind so if you have any suggestion, something you want us to write about, please do write to use, it will be a great help! 

Third thing, comics. As I mentioned in the about me description, it will be drawn by my friend whose a graphic designer, because my drawing skills are rather sad, but maybe at some point I'll try to draw something for you guys. 


Lastly I hope you will love our blog and help us to develop it! 


P&S xxx


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