My First Day of the trip to Malta

October 8, 2017

You think that you had the bad day? Hear my story, it will cheer you up!


All the previous day I’ve spent working in the garden (actually running with the chainsaw was pretty interesting experience  ….but only for the first 2 hours) and I haven’t had any time to pack. As a result I went to bed around 3 am. So I ended up sleeping through alarm and my ride to the airport waked me up at 4:15 which left me with 15 minutes to shower, eat and take all my bags! Peachy. And from this moment it got only worse.


Arriving at the airport: 5:00 am, me and my 3 bags went to the first line that day. After something like forever very life-disappointed lady said that my bag is 3 kg heavier than it is allowed with my ticked and I must pay 10 euros for every each kilogram, just great.... Let’s say I wasn’t to happy. But what I could do? I needed to pay. Very, very life-disappointed lady told me that I need to go to the cash machine and then come back later (you know that at 5:20 am on the Modlin Airport works only one check-in point for luggage? Imagine the line for all the flights disaster .


I went there. I was standing in the line when the family before me was playing drama like Desperate Housewives. I paid, I didn’t kill anyone. I went back telling first lady in the line that sorry, but now is my turn. I think that the look in my eyes slightly suggested that I have every right to go first. I left my magical, 18 kg bag and I was left only with bag with books, bag with laptop and a jacket which really wasn’t very helpful. And then there was time for the security control, best part ever… . And what is before security control? The queue. This time there was two operating passages. Few very long minutes later I defaced that I’m going to find my ID because ‘It will be faster’ (joke). And I looked. Then looked some more. Then unpacked my bags on the floor. I didn’t have my wallet.This was time for PANIC. In the samenext moment very nice voice came out from socame unded through the speaker that they are looking for me. Luckily it wasn’t stolen but I left in on the counter when I was paying. On the bright side: the couple which stood behind me let me come back to my spot. One hundred people later it was my turn. I come through and the gate started and guess what? Yes, it stared beeping. In that moment I was already pretty pissed off and had 10 minutes till the gate closing time. It turned out that I was takendrawed to the further, random security control.  AFTER another few very long minutes I was free to go. Do you know what was prior to gate? A QUEUE. As you can guess at 6 they opened, not closed the gate. So yes, I almost died of heart attack for nothing….


Do you wanna know funny thing? Flight Warsaw-Luqa Malta takes 2h 50m. But they fly only few times a week. Do you wanna know when there wasn’t a flight to Malta?


After 2h 45m flight to Toulouse, France, I had 5h 10m waiting time before 2h 20m flight to Malta… But it’s not the end! Toulouse, 1,5km, 2 lines later and I had all my bags! And now I must take my “3-kg-too-much-bag to the next check-in point. As the almost nice attendant lady told me that you can check in your luggage only 2 hours before the departure and she have no idea where the WizzAir stall is (the stalls were everywhere!). Two calls to the help-attendants (they have a phone-information, shock o.O), 2km, looking for a locker for my heavy bag, waiting for the non-english-speaking French girl who wasn’t where she should, ten euros, walk to the special security point, waiting when 70-years old lady on the wheelchair to went through gate, facepalm and walk back to the safe-bag station with the ‘safe’ sticker on my bag, later I found the cash register for WizzAir. Where lady told me that they are closed till 11:30.... So yeah, I just needed break, so I found tea and food, finally.


When I come back to this cursed point lady said that in Toulouse you first must check in your bag and then you go to pay for the an extra weight. One more facepalm later I went to the 11th around the airport to retrieve my bag. Then there was all the way back (funny thing, my check in point was near the WizzAir stall. On the other side of an airport than safe-bag storage, why me…. . And there was a line (Like it wasn’t obvious). I leaved heavy bag, get bill for 30 euros and directions and then I meet my breaking point of that day: New french lady in the stall. I didn’t kill her. I wanted.


After I paid, I lost my boarding card which I had printed the day before. I had back-up on the phone, I’m not that easy. Approximately 400 people ahead of me in the line to the security control and 30 pages of Voltron fanfic later I was already on the light side of the force and they didn’t have cookies. Guess whose gate was in the furthest corner of the airport (it’s seriously big airport, I had no idea.). One passport control later (no idea) and yes, there was a line, I get to plane to Malta! There was still hope…


The city of St. Julian’s looked like bastard child of Arabic slams and Greek countryside. The building next to the one thatthe was rent by the school car (Srl, 20 euros for being sure that you will find your apartment? Invaluable.) stopped looked exactly like the place set to record The Addams Family 3. But I forgave everything when I saw the lift. It wasn’t working. Two floors after I looked like as a drenched rat and have a similar mood. Going through the theme of that day I have no clue how the lock in the door works and I seriously considered sitting there and starting crying. Then the doors opened and I saw my roommate :D She said she had too had the same problem.


The apartment is great! …saving that the water pressure in the shower is nonexistent and my room is a closet. But it’s a single and it exists! (After all this day I was prepared for everything)



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