The next 2 day's... of my Malta trip!

October 14, 2017

Day 2 – Monday

First day of school!

I must say that the school looks better than I expected. When I was on Jersey (island between England and France, I’m just saying ;)) 6 years ago it was horrible… with pretty, old building, so my expectations weren’t high.

There was like 35 degrees, no clouds and pretty windy, but not the nice cold breeze.  

Placement test, not shocking for the first day in the language school.  Then there was guided tour around the school, visiting a pool on the roof ….it’s small but it’s the POOL nothing more to wish.

And for the end of the day Welcome Party. Let’s say that the company  was awesome, there was free alcohol, pool and after-party in Polish style, the trip was almost worth all of that.




Day 3 – Tuesday


And... I slept through my alarm again (It should be obvious right?). This time I missed my lesson and hadn’t have time to make myself breakfast …or lunch for that matter.  

Lessons from 11.30 till 15:30 and then the main point of the day: Guided tour to Valletta!


Although it is the capital of Malta it is a small city (roughly 6500 citizens) inside of bigger metropolitan area. City was founded by the national hero and 49th Grand Master of the Order of Malta, Jean de Valette. The works began in 1566 and was mostly completed by 1570's. The fortified City takes all peninsula and is encompassed by impressive walls. For centuries it was considered an example of ideal city with its fortifications, renaissance design of the layout and renaissance-baroque architecture. The city lies on one side of the biggest natural harbor in the Mediterranean Sea: Grand Harbour. On the other side lies Three fortified Cities:  Cospicua, Vittoriosa, and Senglea. (more next time!)


Because of strategic placement of Malta in the middle of Mediterranean Sea, Grand Harbour was during the time of II World War very important British base. This was the place of the official ending of the Cold War: meeting between George H. W. Bush and Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev.

And from some newer architecture, rebuilding of city gate was designed by one and only Renzo Piano with its famous stairs. Amazing using of perspective grid and small steps make them seems like they are two times as high. And close by lies House of Parliament, also of his design.

Overall, 6 blisters, and one bloody shoe. Never wear new, heeled shoes on the sightseeing trip.

All in all, 2 hours were definitely a too short time to see all of the city and take pictures. I’m definitely going to come back here in the future.

And do you know what’s is integral with school? Homework. Two horrible essays in a little over an hour? I’m proud of myself.

And I stayed till 1 am to write this. The school starts at  8. The plan was on getting some sleep, nah?


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