Day's 4, 5 & 6... Cousin on Malta

October 19, 2017

Day 4 – Wednesday


This day was… normal. But like seriously nothing happened. 4 modules of lessons, extra session of pronunciation (I’m really horrible in this ). And me being offended on all world, so I ended going to sleep at 7 pm.

Maybe I’ll write something about Malta’s Cousine, first edition:

They have dips. Like really, really great dips. One of the most popular is the one made of beans, it looks horrible but is pleasantly spicy, just love it! And of course, it’s an island: they have fresh fishes. Surprisingly very popular is here swordfish.

And because of the italian influence: pizzas and pastries. There are this take away points named: Pastizzerie. Not exactly ideal when you are trying to lose weight, but at least I can try them.


Day 5 – Thursday


Malta’s national holiday - day free of work (and school, yas!)

21st of September Malta celebrates its Independence Day. Exactly 53 years ago Malta gained its political independence from Britain becoming an independent nation. (And if you are interested in more about Malta history, they’re in European Union since 2004 and have euro since 2008.)

And first time I get to go to the beach here! I forgot how hard is to swim in so salty water.

And to make this day more realistic: 3 hours of doing homework, but at least no classes

But my roommate made us japanese supper. Mochi with nori and rice balls, it was really good.


Day 6 – Friday


The problem with fridays consists of weekly review exams and trial IELTS tests. even went okay. But for my life I can’t spell…

And of course I went swimming! My roommates thought that I drown after 40 minutes, but It was a really long swim! It’s not like my condition is shit or something...


Roommates for the first week: two french, german, polish, japanese and italian who theoretically lived upstairs.

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