Continuation of my Malta story!

October 31, 2017

Day 7 – Saturday


Trip to Gozo! Gozo is a small island few miles from Malta and a very popular touristic place. Because of very strict


building restriction the island kept they uncial character which Malta lost on the way of development.

We visited one of supposedly legendary Caves of nymph Calypso (look: Odyssey ;)). From the cliff stretches out beautiful view of the Ramla Bay what comes from maltese Ramla il-Ħamra which means Red Sand Beach. And we got to swim there! Or I swam and the rest was lounging on the beach… almost holidays!

The capital city of Gozo is Victoria (Rabat). Practically all the city (actually all buildings on the island) ale build from the local stone which create amazing effect of integrity. The central point of the city is the roman Citadela build around 100bc. It's from the place that was imported famous honey, that Cicero wrote about. Through the Citadella that there can still be seen medieval houses from late XIV and XV century. From the outpost on the walls it is possible to see most of the island (and on a good day even snow on the mountains of Sicily!) with churches dominating villages and Victorian-period lighthouse.

But cathedral was pretty average. I went there because I wanted to see dome which was painted on the ceiling but I need to say that the one in Rome was more impressive. Although the silver collection in the vault was a little disturbing.

On Gozo there can be also found Ġgantija Temples from around 4000 bc, one the oldest existing manmade structures.

And the last thing: 1,5km with groceries for a week when the road looks like the one from San Francisco is a reeeaaally long walk. You really wouldn’t guess.


Day 8 – Sunday


Surprise-midnight-birthday-cake and champagne for one of the girls from my apartment and then tour across the clubs till 3 am. But seriously why in the places like this can’t you just dance. Everything is with hook-up-perspective….

O, and I hit my record, never danced with three guys at the same time, you need to try everything right?

As the day goes, it was… rainy. The plan was to go go to the international air show but they cancelled it.

Locks in this apartment are really a piece of art. Not once happened that opening the front doors took 10 minutes but today was the first time that someone was stuck in the toilet and it wasn’t me!


Handing key through windows: check.

Today almost-roommate made an Italian pasta… Great way to lose weight, but at least I’m aware of it.

And magical day spended with english textbooks and notes again, eh…


Day 9 – Monday


I never thought that it is possible for me to get bored in B2 class… I’m changing to the C1 group ;)

Some two week ago my friend decided to watch all DC shows…  I lasted 2 weeks of her comments about telenovela-level of action before swapping back to 5th season of Arrow.

Every week there are new students coming, there are new classes and changes in the teachers. My new teacher is quite good, but gosh… today I heard more puns than through whole my life. I didn’t even think that it is possible.


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