Camino - Better than Blue Lagoon!

October 28, 2017

Day 10 – Thursday


Living in a apartment with my few roommates (surprisingly after one french girl, one german and italian went back to theirs countries nobody new arrived) has its advantages and disadvantages. You have someone to spends time after the classes and discuss homework but also when one of you gets sick… then everyone is sick, like me now! I honestly must admit: I woke up to school, then I tried to speak… So, no school and no horse riding at the afternoon, not fair...


Day 11 – Wednesday


For my defence I want to tell that I tried. I went for morning lesson. It goes without saying that this wasn’t the smartest thing I could have done.

And about this disadvantages: Who doesn’t switch off the light when going out or is leaving dirty dishes in the sink for more than a day when they are not in their apartment?! And I’m not talking of once or twice situation. When you are staying in apartment with 3 other people, and you have 5 mugs leaving 3 of them on the table for two days till someone ELSE clean it up is really not nice. I’m sick, I’m cranky.


Day 12 – Thursday


The next day of coughing my lungs out. I think details are not necessary.


Day 13 – Friday


I dragged my sorry, technically still ill ass to school. Yay.


Day 14 – Saturday


The. Perfect. Day.

Tour around the Camino (small island between Malta and Gozo) with stopping to see up close water caves <3

And then stop as The Blue Lagoon! I saw many countries in my life, and even more coasts, but that was the first


time when I was swimming in the real-life, fairy tale lagoon! For 3 hours!!! Well, after this Crystal Lagoon wasn't that impressive but still very beautiful. There was amazing opportunity to jumps from the cliffs.

The is one thing, save pasta, which can be find literally everywhere: gelato. Really amazing gelato. I have a strong will but no one is that strong. I’m guessing most of you ate Toffee gelato, but anyone tried WATERMELON?! It was mind-blowing.

What’s missing?



PS: I don’t have a luck to suncream on this trip… I officially look like zebra.




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