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November 3, 2017

Day 15 – Sunday



Who doesn’t like spending day with homework…?

O, and there is a storm.

This week’s post looks quite sad. Then maybe I’ll write something about Malta architecture. As I wrote before Malta’s cities looks very familiar to those in Tunisia or Egypt but they have one very characteristic trait. Maltese closed balcony. The trend was inspired by one of Valletta's merchants, who made his balcony looks like ship’s stern. From there fashion spread for all Malta islands in less than no time. Curiosity: on Gozo maltese balconies are made of stone.  

And according to my roommates: Japanese girl went, Italian one and German come.



Day 16 – Monday


They say there is first day for everything. Dear diary, today was the first time when I went to school wearing swimsuit and flip-flops. And I took towel. And change of clothes. Yes, I didn’t expect waterfall from the sky and I didn’t take any jacket or umbrella. It seems like people who build St. Julian’s didn’t expected it either because the is practically no open ground for water to soak in and streets don’t have any drainage catch pits. As a result walk down this freaking mountain of hill from the apartment happened ankles-deep into river. And no, I’m not making this up.

But there was some light points too. The building school apartment is in is now under renovation. And they fixed the lift!!!


Day 17 – Thursday


Unsurprisingly there was rain again. Yesterday my ielts teacher has an accident, she fall down and hurt her knee. Hello to replacements for the rest of the week.

We were lucky and in the afternoon the weather got better and we could go for the sightseeing of southern part of the island. Bus took us to 3 places:

Rotunda of Mosta, roman-catholic neoclassical church from 17th century. The place owe its fame to the dome, which is considered one of the 3 biggest unsupported domes in the world.

Second stop: Buskett Gardens – artificial wood/garden engineered in 18th century by Order of St. John as the first forest on Malta for use as a hunting area. They were even buying deers abroad to free them and later hunt them there.

The last stop was The Dingli Cliffs, the highest place in the island with quite a lovely view.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to see Medina. This is an all-day trip.

Remember when I wrote that the lift was working? Well, now it is not.


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