Dynasty time!

November 12, 2017

Hi guy's! 

On the weekend I've started watching Dynasty remake and you know what, it's just amazing! 
I didn't expect it, but well it was a nice surprise.

Starting from the beginning, the series is a remake of the Dynasty series form the 1981. This was one of the most successful series in the history of TV. And you know what? I have the suspicion that this remake will be also a huge hit, honestly! I've just seen 5 episodes (There's no more yet...) and trust me on this, this will be really great, well done and with a thrill series. 



Long story short, the main plot goes around the Carrington family and the issues they face, but the most of them are inside the family. The hatred between two leading female characters, is almost the main plot but to be honest it's pretty hard to predict what the main plot is based only on 5 episodes. 


Guy's check out this series it's really worth it! 



Below Trailer & Photos: 



Source of the photos is here. 

 Thanks for the amazing Dynasty series and Battle Beast's Kingdom lyrics!

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