Bad news on Malta

November 20, 2017

Day 18 – Wednesday


Monday all over again. Thunderstorms are back! We actually have a full day break from them. Actually saving inconvenience of not having an umbrella and dinghy it is quite lovely. the air was lighter and the wind was really refreshing.

About the lift… now it it is working. Sort of. It is raiding up and down, stop at every floor with a sound very similar to the doorbell. Yes, all night.


Day 19 – Thursday


For a country when average sum of rainwater per year is 700 mm there is really a lot of rain here. The thunders are back.

I must say this lift is really stubborn...My luck!


Day 20 – Friday


There is only one thing I want to write about this day. Someone finally fixed this *** lift.

Day 21 – Saturday


Bad news - speaking IELTS exam, good news - it was in Valletta. I finally had the time to see the city.


After my exam (when my panic attack ended) I went to see the city. After quick tour I catched a ferry to Vittoriosa. The city takes one of the promontories on the east side of the Grand Harbour with Fort Saint Angelo at its head. Build in the middle ages was rebuilded by Knights of St. John in 16th century and it served as Order’s headquarters during Great Siege of Malta.


I just realized that I write all the time about the Order of St. John but I never explained why.

The Order of St John was (actually it is still existing but in another form ...although if any of you will see catholic knights walking the streets please give me notice) fighting religious order founded in the medieval. For centuries The Order practically owned Maltese islands have an effect in a huge amount of investition.

But let’s tell the truth, most people associate Malta with The Order of Templars, I have no idea why.


The Inquisitor's Palace… well it's big. You wouldn’t expect it looking that lies within the packed city on peninsula. But saving this? Nothing called ‘The Inquisitor's Palace’ can have a good vibes to it.

And I’m guessing that no one is interested in what was in Malta Maritime Museum ;)

If you think Hollywood didn’t get there, you are wrong!


The weather was amazing, hot as in hell, but amazing.

And something for culinary holidays: Cordina - I heard that’s this is the best coffee in Valetta! (I’m not exactly a coffee lover)


Me being me I didn't realize that Notte Bianca festival was going to be today, not was yesterday… Yup, I missed it. No, I don't wanna talk about it. Oh, and the cough is back.


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