Homework, I guess?

November 22, 2017

Day 22 – Sunday


I was writing this and doing homework. Yay.

PS: no new flatmates but polish one went back to home.


Day 23 – Monday


This week surprise: Maltalingua (that was my school btw) had special “junior” curses. There were children there…

Aaaand… the guy from puns was back! Comparing to my other 3 teachers who were sick. Combined classes were quite... boring? That means more boring than usual.




Day 24 – Thursday


Pun-guy turned out to be also a composer of maltose songs. He brought a guitar to lesson and sang...

Omg, I have never imagined that the best news through my stay on Malta would be arrival of blankets. It’s so freaking cold when you sleep only under the sheet ...brrr

And on the topic of sleeping, there is this kind of moskito...


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