Almost a sum up of my Malta trip

November 29, 2017

Day 25 – Wednesday


I went for the swim first time since Camino!


Also, trial listening ielts exam for 8.5? I want this score on my official one!


Day 26 – Thursday


I fell asleep after coming back from school…??


Day 27– Friday


I don’t even know If being stopped by every one of your teacher to get hugged before the exam is good or bad… Definitively kind of cute? And for the record, I wasn’t panicking. Nope. Not at all.

After living in the country where the closest sea is Baltic it’s so.. strange to swim in the sea when water is flat… But it was awesome! When swimming I was seeing the line of horizont!

Remember story about girl, bathroom and doors? Well.. we had second edition. Problem of this one: in this bath there was no window. Two hours, one telephone, one apartment assistant and one building contractor later we managed to free her.

PS: It is really not so easy to knock down the door…


My school opinion: Maltalingua

BUILDING: Unfortunately like almost everything on Malta the building is quite crampy. Also it is a big school, with only 3 toilets. But there is AC in every classroom!

TEACHERS: Most teachers are British and they really know what they doing (saving this one who came as a


replacement and was all the time making spelling mistakes on the board. That was …….). And they act cool. There is no problem if you need more help, some elaboration or just talk.Teachers also pay a lot attention to make everything clear.

LESSONS: Lesson are planned in the week-long modules. Not every one of them are interesting but it really depends you want to learn. Lesson composition is not strict, a big part of them are elaboration and topics we want to  go through.

ATMOSPHERE: On the higher levels you can really see that people come there to learn and it is easy to socialize.

ACTIVITIES: Practically every day school organises trip to someplace in malta lub organize activities such as welcome party or barbecue. I think that the best part of those trips are private buses - you don’t need to wait for the public transport.




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