Finally the end!

December 3, 2017

Day 28 – Saturday


Oh how I missed waking up before the sun…


Taking IELTS on Malta… Actually process as such is not that bad as in big European cities. You are just doing everything through internet and then going to your exam. About the exam… room was beautiful! IELTS takes place in the ballroom with tens of portraits (actually portraits are kind of creepy…). But the room wasn’t really that big and the speakers were great.

But this week's edition of exam definitely wasn’t great... And part about sugar cane wasn’t even the worst.

I wanted to go to Birgu Fest. 3-days long event where all Vittoriosa is lit by candles. And then i sprained my ankle.

Maybe something more optimistic...

JEWELRY! Malta is known from silver, handmade, filigree jewelry. They look like crocheting, so beautiful!


Day 29 – Sunday

I tried to finish my last day in positive way, especially because I'm coming home today... but you know me by know, nothing more misleading. I'll start from the beginning. When I got up, I thought that I have so much time to pack and eat (when you have sprained ankle is really great to have loads of time), but then my best friend calls me and she asks me about the time of my flight... So I said, so sure, that it's 9:21 p.m. That was first mistake of today.... I knew something was very wrong when she said "Don't panic... there's no flight like this today...". Guess what i did? Yep, I panicked! But the to make everything clear we called each other on Skype and slowly checked the time and flight number, everything seemed ok, beside one thing... the flight date! Yes it was yesterday not today, as my school told me and booked me taxi. Great! 
The last part of the day we were trying to book new flight for as soon as possible, not to kill anyone in the school office (yep, they didn't speak English, well they thought they did, but they didn't trust me) and to not get heart attack of the amount of stress! 

At 1 a.m. I was finally in the airport with my new ticket and huge pain in leg...  But at least I was on my way home! 


Day 30 – Monday


Poland finally! 8 a.m. Warsaw airport and my friend with stupid smile on her face, but to be honest, I would look the same if she was in my place, who wouldn't? 
Nothing more to say... Just one thing... I've never been so happy to be home! 

The end xxx




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