Behemoth concert review

January 12, 2018

A while ago, I went to the black/ death metal concert at Progresja (is one of the most known Warsaw Music Clubs). There were a few band such as Mentor, Witchmaster, Mgła, Master's Hammer and Behemoth. To be honest this is not my favorite type of music but it wasn’t bad.


The first band I missed due to the huge traffic, but the next one was Witchmaster and in my opinion it was the worst performance, because I couldn’t find any differences between the songs. The next band was Mgła was much better, but defiantly too loud… I know its concert but really it was that bad, I had to go out for a moment because my head started aching. So later at home I’ve listened to some of their track online and they were pretty good.

The fourth band was Czech band Master’s Hammer, they had different instruments and appearance then the rest of the groups but when they’ve started playing, the songs were the same as rest. At least they managed to fix the sound level issue and you were actually able to hear the music.


At the end there was Behemoth, polish best known death/black metal band. To be honest I went there to see them live, because I’ve heard they were always great at making show. You know what? They actually were pretty good.

The show was amazing and the music was really cool, I admit maybe not something I would start listening on my own at home but at the concert with so spectacular show, defiantly!

Behemoth had also one more thing that was different from the rest of the performers, what was contact with the audience and the friendly atmosphere. As I mentioned I’ve never heard them before the concert but I felt engaged in the show they’ve prepared.


To quickly sum up, I’ve never been a fun of death/dark metal music but I had loads of fun and I think it was really worth going. Would I go to see any of the bands again? Probably not, but I truly understand now why the tickets were sold out. Behemoth is a great band (that’s why they are traveling on tour with Slipknot, I guess). They are amazing at what they do and perform their music with heart (I would say soul but they might be not very pleased to hear it!)


Below you can find the links to the official pages of all bands I’ve mention above, hope you check out some of them:




Master’s Hammer




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