Review of the photo album from Saal-digital

January 16, 2018


Today I finally received my photo album I’ve ordered from Saal-digit. The best part of all proces was that I was able to design it. But from the beginning, four days ago I downloaded the app from the Saal-digit (a few screens below) that is needed to create your photo album. There are so many options honestly it took me a while to find all the options. You can choose how many pages you want, the paper, cover and all the necessary things you could wish for. It was really easy to create your, like in my case, portfolio. But the worst thing was choosing the photos to add, as you could guess. I thought about how to write this review and I dacided that in bullet points, it will be the most readable.

Things I liked about the process of creation and delivery:

  • Application is available for free and doesn’t obligate you to order something

  • Application is really easy to use and friendly to work with it

  • It took only 2 days to print it and send it to me (trust me it’s really quickly)

The things I would change or I didn’t like:

  • It’s pretty expensive (16 pages with cover, paper one + delivery was around 100 zł which is around 26 ₤)

  • The application is very old looking, but works great

My first impression of the portfolio/photo album I’ve ordered was really good. It’s well done, the colors are like I wanted them to be. For not very demanding clients it enough.


Below are the photos of the photo album I've recived: 


For more photos from my portfolio check the link here

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