Comic Con, almost too late, but just almost

March 5, 2018

I should start with saying: sorry for writing now about Comic Con which was a few months ago, so yeah… Sorry?


This was the second Warsaw Comic Con, first one took place in June and this one was in November. A while ago… The worst/best part is that another one is coming soon, as I remember correctly in April. This time I solemnly swear to write the next sum up much quicker, maximum one week later, and I plan to posting daily on our Facebook and Instagram, so stay with us!


There will be around three to four main topics I would want to tell you about. First of all, people... Well, you don't need to be a geek or nerd to participate in an event like that, but if you go there, be prepared that most of the people will be part of one of those groups.. There weren't that many people, to be honest, after the first Comic Con I was expecting to see bigger crowds, but don't misunderstand me there were still loads of visitors. Oh, I've almost forgotten one of the main groups of people, Cosplayers! Trust me they are just amazing, the costumes and makeup they make are stunning, you just can't stop staring at them. On the last day (Comic Con lasts for three days) there was a Cosplay contest, whereas I presume correctly were around 25 participants or so. Some of them known continents-wide. Hmm... What to say more? Well that the photos say more than a thousand words... So it would be best if you were to check the photos here (link). 

The second thing worth mentioning is exhibitors. There were around hundred of them, from many different areas of interests such as jewelry, clothes, books, computer games, board games, movies, cosplay accessories, food e.t.c. There were three places that remained in my memory till now, so I guess they've made a huge impression. First was the "post-apocalyptic zone", not because they've had a pub there, but I admit that's one of the reasons I've loved this place so much...There is nothing better than a cold beer after a long day of work.  They had one big hall all adorned in style of Postapo with everything thought throught and perfectly matching. But the best part of all this was the atmosphere and great people I've met there. It made the stark difference with the rest, more commercially-oriented, exhibition hall. Their sense of humor and openness was something I wish everyone can experience at some point. I hope I'll see them on the next Comic Con. If you want to see what they do, check their website here (link).

Third thing, stars. Well, only two of them, in my opinion, are worth mentioning and the third one I still wonder why was she even there. Ok, so going to the main star, as organizers of the event said: Pamela Anderson (yes I still can't guess why she was there).  There best actors were Kevin Robert McNally who played Capitan Gibbs in the Pirates of Caribbean series and Andrew Scott who played Jim Moriarty on Sherlock Holmes series. I was so happy to actually see them, and be able to listen to their interviews, really great experience. And yes I do have a few photos of them, so if you are interested click here (link). 


The last attraction, was Percival's concert. The band that created soundtrack to Witcher games.

It's time for the sum up because it's going to be too long to read. I basically loved the event and can't wait for next one to see what other great things might happen.


For more info about the upcoming event check out the official website or the facebook fan page.


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