The things I’ve learned in 2017…

March 5, 2018

There are a few things I’ve learnt this year and I wanted to share them with you, so you don’t need to repeat my lessons.


1.Trust only those that you feel are worth it


So basically every one of us has this one or more friends that they love spending time with right? But deep down there you feel like they will betray you or hurt you… The worst thing is that there is a huge chance you’re right. I had it this year with my one of best friends, and it hurt as hell I was trying to laugh from it or tell everyone I was fine with it, but that wasn’t true at all. I was just missing her… But I knew from the beginning she would hurt me and I was right. If I’ve listened to my intuition it would ended a long time ago, never again, I got my lesson.


2. Don’t force something it’s not meant to be


It’s a bit connected to the story above. If your friendship breaks, it’s not always an ending sometimes you both need it to rest, but mostly it’s totally the end cuz how would you be able to trust this person again? Especially if she’s still messing around with your life? Just let go, she’ll get bored and you will get peace of mind, and less wrinkles than she. The same comes to the relationships, basically don’t stick to your partner if you know it’s not good for you both, make sure you finish everything in the friendliest way possible, the later you do it the more mess you will have to clean…


3. Small steps rule actually exists


Do you know this feeling that you can rule the world? Yes, good, but its only temporary you don't have enough energy to do it all at once. Chose small goals that will create the big picture you want, maybe its a longer way, but it’s much more stable and there are more achievements on your way, and who doesn’t love them?


4. Getting up early has some perks


Half year ago I’ve started getting up at 5:15 a.m. and now it’s much easier than at the beginning, not easy, but there are a few things I love about it. First one is that it gives me time to sit down with my coffee in the dressing gown and slowly accept the work I have planned for today. Second is the fact I can get ready to work slowly, without rush, it helps me remember about everything. And the last thing is that when I get to my office it’s totally empty and I can easily focus on work I have to do, but the best part is I’m going out from work at time most people come back from lunch. This way I have all day left for the things I want/need to do.


5. Friends are always there even if you don’t notices it


There is actually not much to explain, just remember your true friends are always there, even if they are far away or didn’t talk to you for years, they are always next to you. That’s the reason you should cherish them and support as they do it for you.  At their wedding, my parents got a cute plate, with quote that's totally true and always makes me cry somehow: “Friends are like stars on the sky… You don’t always see them but you know they are there.”.

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