Apocalypse, but not a Zombie one

April 8, 2018

And from the series of totally random posts I present you The Last Ship series.


!!! This review apply only to first 2 seasons. I sincerely have no idea what was the purpose of the next ones.


First time I looked at this a few years ago, but after reading short summary my only thought was ’Nope’. Let’s see it:

“The crew of a naval destroyer is forced to confront the reality of a new existence when a pandemic kills off most of the earth's population.”

Me: Great, next American, Apocalypse-Zombie, I’m going to check on my laundry list.


Since that time I heard few good opinions about this and I just wanted to check it out (also I was looking for some background noise to my deadline ;) ). So I put it on and…. the series prove me 100% wrong. First time in a really long time, to be honest.


The series managed to achieve amazing balance between science and action, at the same time keeping up with the plot. And actually what is really new for me with this genre, there was a plot.


Main characters: Thank you directors, no Mary Sues on board. Main scientist is over the line bright but in any other situation she is a pariah. Captain always wins but also always run headfirst into danger leaving his second-in-command with one stroke a week.


Other characters: We see there approximately 10 characters with background stories, their own sets of skills and quirks. And of course there is this game: guess where have you seen these actors (Firefly is everywhere!!!) :P


Photos and props: Really top notch. We also have multiple locations, not staying all the time on the ship. We don’t need to believe them on word that something somewhere happened. We can see it.


Logic: “We are looking for the cure, but we are not random people with random equipment” THANK YOU ONCE MORE.


I don’t like Apocalypse genre, but this one is really worth watching.


PS: Also, I’m thinking about looking into William Brinkley’s novel the series was based on.


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