Warsaw Comic Con 3 - first time on time

May 2, 2018



As the last time, visiting stars were at best supporting characters from series and movies. From the grand scheme stepped out, as the first actor ever, who played main role, to visit Warsaw Comic Con, Daniel Gillies from The Originals, spin off of The Vampire Diaries. He and Michael Trevino were presenting one amazing quality, whatever they did they were amazingly photogenic.


Our favourite was of course Manu Bennett, known from Hobbit, Arrow, Shannara Chronicles and Spartacus. His interview was a lot deeper and more moving than interviews with other stars. Unfortunately, he didn’t take off his baseball cap even once.


All in all, the great progress was that in this edition the quest stars came from this filming decade and even from the right thematic group for Comic Con!


Organisation… Well, that was the sad part of this event. At the fall edition cosplay scene had its own, separate hall, with big scene and space for spectators. This time there was no such thing. “The scene” for performances was 2 or 3 meters wide space in front of orchestra seats, already prepared for the next show. It was localized in the main part of the hall and separated from stalls only with the black curtain, which I won’t comment. After the last time when there was light show, huge screen as a background,  space for performance, space for viewing (not from the corridor in the rpg part of the hall), we were expecting something less resembling primary school theatre.



About cosplay in itself… It was maybe not disappointing, but on a noticeably lower level. The cosplayers were scarce and, in our opinion, definitely less elaborate. It was also hard not to see that the cosplayers were also expecting something different from the stage.


In this edition we had 4 categories, with winners as it goes:


For the best cosplay, Grand Prix Showup: International Cosplay Awards - Margaret Cosplay & art as Senua from Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. On last edition we saw her as Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn.


For the best technical execution - Maja "Rebel Princess" Sierocińska as Ciri from Witcher 3.


For the best presentation - Marcin "Rygiel" Riegel as Pennywise from Stephen King’s IT. ⇐ look at our instagram video!!


And for the biggest likeness to the original character RedHead Witch as Anna Henrietta from Witcher 3. Really meticulous dress.


But our personal favourite was Asgardian Fraud Workshop as Loki. His (her actually) mannerism was just perfect for the role. Fitting, but also funny. I would say that this one and Pennywise were the only ones with the idea for the performance.


All the cosplayers you can find in here (and it’s  actually not easy! No way without inside help…)


As a special attraction, HBO prepared interactive scenes sequence based on the Westworld series. You could play the part of a customer in the saloon full of  ‘androids’ living in the Wild West. Totally awesome, check out our video!




Magic Orchestra


This edition concert was just bad, especially in comparison to the previous one (“Percival”). The worst thing is that it wasn’t even fault of the band, but again the pitiful organisation. First of all, the scene was far too small for all orchestra and choir, they were basically sitting on each other. You could see that they were uncomfortable and additionally the lighting was so horrible you couldn't see most of them. And the last thing… it was boring. Great, they were playing great hits, but there was nothing shown (displayed) or done to make it more engaging for the public, especially that it was at the end of the day and people were tired, so it was hard for them to focus on the music when there wasn't something to catch their eye.  Also, it was the same scene as for the cosplay, hello, seats in the aisle. If you were not sitting right in front of the scene you couldn’t hear a thing.


The Warsaw Book Show


All of authors were of course polish (kinda sad when you think about it) and most of them completely unknown to both of us, and we are Fans. That really says something.


The main star was the known worldwide polish fantasy writer, author of the Witcher Saga, Andrzej Sapkowski. The Author announced that he works, after 19 years, on the next book in The Witcher series!!!


From the others worth writing about, we could meet  Jacek Komuda (who we unfortunately didn’t meet) and Jakub Ćwiek. The second one was host of the cosplay contest and his author’s meeting was really interesting.


Also, next time Handbook: How To Meet One Of Your Favourite Writers And Don’t Recognize Them. Stay with us!




This show from our perspective looked exactly the same as the last time. Although we admit that it was a little too much time consuming for us to really participate in it. But we hope that next time we will have more time to actually play. Or more like, stand in the queue to play on something. But honestly some of the devices was really cool.




About exhibitors ...there was fewer of them. It could mostly be seen in case of the smaller ones, with original merchandise. But there was also visible lack of foreign exhibitors. The ones that appeared, complained about very high prices for stalls.




For the start, the place where ComicCon takes place is located about 25 km from the centre of Warsaw and there is literally no way to get there with public transport. Therefore, Comic Con organises busses. There will be upgrade in transport they said. There will be more busses they said.  No there wasn’t.


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